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Paper Bags

Application of Paper Bags

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Brown Kraft Paper Bags

These bags are very popular. They are made from brown kraft paper that looks simple but elegant. They are available in different size. Moreover you can also find these bags with different paper thickness and you can choose them as per your requirement. These Kraft bags come with handle so that it is easy to carry. The handle is made firm with a patch marked on the bag. The patch provides with firmness. These bags are commonly used in gift stores, garment shops and other retail counters. The bags are also made with flat bottom base so that you can place box in the bag with convenience. We can do printing and customization if that suits you.

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White Kraft Paper Bags

These white bags are classy in look and made with white sulphite paper. They look beautiful. They are mainly used by bakers and eateries because they are best for food use. They are too made with handles for convenience. They are also found in catering industry and grocery shop. These bags can be printed with desired designs or they can be customized as per your requirement. The availability of various sizes will help you to choose your desired style.

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Multicolor Printed Paper Bags

How about making your paper bags interactive? Isn’t it a cool idea? Yes, we do make paper bags in the color that you want. Its just like adding dimension to your paper bags. Multicolored paper bags look quite trendy and classy. They looks good if you have used them for return gifts, gifting, parties, weddings etc. Many of the events management companies keep these bags because they look really attractive. You can also get it printed and customize it as you want. Putting down names or writing address or some creative lines can surely look impressive and you can easily catch attention of people. Get in touch with us for this super cool and attractive paper bags. When you use these paper bags you are also making contribution towards environment.

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Applications of Paper Bags

For Cake Shops

For Saree Showrooms

For Optical Stores

For Sweet & Farsan Stores

For Jewellery Bags

For Imitation jewellery Showrooms

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