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About Arihant Packaging

Arihant Packaging was founded by Shri Rajnikant Khimji Shah some more than 30 years ago. His hard work, dedication and vision have made Arihant Packaging Group of Companies where it stands today. His ideas now roll over to the coming generation as well. The new generation is all decked up with innovative concepts, more creative, concerned for the look and keeping it eco friendly. Since it has hit the market, it has never looked back. It has been able to recognize itself as one of the pioneers packaging industries globally now. We have made use of technology and ideas so that our packages are crafted with inventiveness and concepts.

Company Profile

Arihant Packaging has been providing quality product and incomparable services since it has stepped in the market. Over the years, we have understood that it is important to look after nature. Hence we have now stepped ahead of plastic bags and have begun with the manufacturing of paper bags and eco friendly bags. The company has now switched over to the production of paper bags and eco friendly bags so that the waste generated due to plastic bags can be minimized from our end.

We support retails, companies and industries who are striving to GO GREEN. We join hands with such endeavors who believe in keeping environment clean and respecting mother earth. Our paper bags are of the best quality. We make use of recycled paper and we provide paper bags that are durable. Our paper bags are sturdy and you can reuse them. Our bags look creative and beautiful.

When the bags are manufactured, they are designed as per the need of the customers. Even today, we do not compromise on quality. Hence we monitor the look and durability of bags when the production is in process.

We understand that ours is a Good name and we shall continue to provide quality and service that is beyond customer’s expectation and satisfaction.

Our Vision

  • To provide our customers with innovative and durable product
  • To keep commitments made.
  • A No-Compromise rule when it comes to quality.

Our Mission

  • To see ourselves as the leader in packaging industries globally.
  • To sustain environment by producing paper bags that are eco friendly.
  • To promote business while protecting environment.

Our Message

We would urge people of our nation and around the world to deny plastic bags. We recommend the use of paper bags so that our future generation can live in a green and clean environment.

Leading Supplier of Paper, Plastic and Non-Woven Print Products

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