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Eco Friendly Bags

Eco Friendly Cotton Bags

When we decided to make these cotton bags, the only idea we had in our mind was to abandon plastic. Plastic has been into market since years now and it has taken a place in every corner making it more polluted and dirty. Cotton is a fibrous material and it is degradable. Cotton bags are reusable and they do not lead to any kind of waste. Cotton bags look very classy; they come in different size and color. These bags are durable and they can be used for a long period of time. They come with a handle so that makes is comfortable to carry. There are many designs of cotton bags that we make. Basically we can say that this is an everyday use bags. Cotton is Eco Friendly material. We can customize these cotton bags as you want it to be. Let’s strive towards greener environment.

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Eco Friendly Canvas Bags

Being Eco friendly means taking a step towards cleaner environment. It means that we shall provide an environment that is healthy to future generation. Our step to make people aware about it is that we have started to manufacture canvas bags. Canvas bags are truly environment friendly. As much as it is environmental friendly, it befriends you too. Yes, they are ideal for grocery shopping. Canvas is a woven material that feels soft. They are really sturdy, they do not tear that easily and it avoids moisture. You can shop oil and ghee and they can easily go in this bag. They don’t get stained easily with oil or ghee. They are washable and reusable. Canvas bags are made in different size, color and can be printed too. The material is of premium quality and designed in the most impressive style. Say NO to plastic and promote the use of eco friendly bags.

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Eco Friendly Nylon Bags

Nylon bags are much in demand these days. It is good option for plastic bags. These nylon bags are reusable and they are available in various designs and colors. They are durable. They are tear resistant. They are waterproof and they are washable. Stains or grease can be removed easily. They can be folded desirably so they occupy less space. They are quite affordable. They come in different patterns and types. They are threaded, in carry bag shape, large sized for grocery shopping or they come with easily compactable bags that can be closed. We make bags in customized print and designs that is beyond your imagination only so that we can stop the use of plastic. Let’s join hands to follow GREEN.

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